Terms & Conditions

Our rates include unlimited mileage, road tax, VAT and insurance against all risks, subject to a deductible, depending on the rental group. (table attached)
The rental is considered a period of 24 hours. The customer is allowed a 3 hour tolerance between the delivery time and the collection, after which the customer will be liable to pay a further rental day.
The minimum rental age is 23 years old. You may not rent to people with a driving license for less than one year.
There is a franchise insurance, called SUPERCDW. This insurance will cover the deductible in full. 
Group A-B - € 7.00 per day
Group C-D-E-F - € 9.00 per day
Group G-H - € 12.00 per day
Group I-L-O - € 15.00 per day
Group J-K-M-N - € 20.00 per day
Group P - € 35.00 per day
Group Q - € 50.00 per day
Group R - € 70.00 per day
PAI - passenger insurance - This insurance is available for € 3.00 p / day with the following coverage: 15,000.00 € per person for death or permanent disability and € 1,500.00 per person for medical expenses and repatriation.
GPS - The rental of satellite navigation systems are available for € 5.00 p / day to a maximum of € 35.00 per rental (this unit has an additional allowance of € 150.00).
Baby and Booster seats available at € 15.00  per rental.
Additional drivers cost extra € 10.00 € per rental.
All services at Faro Airport have a cost of € 10.00. Services outside of opening hours (07:00 to 21:00) suffer an additional penalty of € 15.00
It is required of the customer to present a credit card as a deposit for the rental. This card will serve as a payment guarantee either the franchise or of any other expense the customer's responsibility, petrol or diesel, tires, tolls, etc.
The customer is responsible for loss of keys, damaged tires, broken into locks, loss of car documents, all the windows of the vehicle and any traffic fines or parking. In case of accident, NICE RENT always recommends the intervention of law enforcement authorities (Police, National Guard, etc.) via the emergency number 112.
In the case of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and according to Portuguese law, the customer will be responsible for any damage in the rented vehicle as well as to third parties. Abandonment of the accident site by the customer, without the presence of the authorities or without contact established with the NICE RENT, will be considered disrespect for the conditions assumed in the beginning of the contract, leaving the client accountable for any damages caused by the respective accident.
In case of damage, please contact our contact # 24 hours. (+351 91 256 2700)
All reservations are subject to confirmation upon availability.
At Faro Airport, the cars must be returned to car Park  2. Should the car be returned in another park, the customer will be responsible for the respective payment.
It is the customer's responsibility, the confirmation of the fuel or any existing damage on the vehicle at the beginning of the rental. I will not accept any complaints after delivery of the vehicle.
A NICE RENT delivery and receives their vehicles at Faro Airport, Almancil, Quinta do Lago, Faro, Vilamoura and Vale do Lobo. Deliveries and collections elsewhere are subject to confirmation.
Car returned in dirty conditions exterior and interior are deemed negligent by the customer shall be subject to an additional payment, with values that can range from € 25.00 to € 100.00.


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