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  • Boat Trips and Benagil, The Nautical Adventures of the Algarve!

  • Every year, the Algarve welcomes thousands of tourists to make the most of the incredible beaches and warm summer sun. But, from surfing to kayaking, there are many more adventures lying in wait beyond the golden sands - for some of the region’s top leisure attractions can be found upon (and below!) the waves of its sparkling blue seas.

    Explore the Secret Caves of Benagil

    The Algarve coast is home to some of the largest marine caves in Europe and due to the calm seas here we can venture into them safely. These caves are formed by a very soft limestone, coastal erosion creating a stunning coastal landscape of shapes and colours that cannot be reached by land. Like a live-action postcard, you can explore the unexplored mysteries of Albufeira, São Rafael, Carvoeiro and the fantastic Benagil. These Algarve boat trips often include BBQ lunches and a guided tour – everything you need for a breath-taking day of adventure.

    Enjoy a Unique Algarve Experience Dolphin Watching

    Despite the calm seas, the Algarve coast still offers an exhilarating wildlife safari on the Atlantic Ocean from the marinas of Albufeira, Vilamoura and Lagos. Experienced crews that know how and where to find the local Bottlenose, Common, Rissos, Striped and Orca dolphins will teach you about the behaviour of beautiful animals experienced in their natural environment. You will enjoy an educational tour of the rich biodiversity of the Algarve’s marine life, including turtles, sharks - and even whales! With so much more authenticity than any zoo or aquarium, this is an unforgettable opportunity to learn more about some of the true treasures of the Algarve.

    Thrilling Kayak Adventures in Lagos

    The Ponta da Piedade off the coast of Lagos is the spectacular setting for kayak tours for the more sport minded among us, with groups setting out to explore the birdlife, small islands and hidden beaches that can be found there. Great fun for all ages, kayakers can stop off and fish for their own lunch, before landing at a secluded beach to grill their freshly-caught bounty. A fantastic way to explore the golden coast, the calm waters and spectacular panoramic views make for an awesome family trip.

    A Surfing Capital 

    Home to a vibrant surf community, the Algarve coast has phenomenal conditions for surfing, with over 10 clubs and 31 surfing schools. All the tools you need to tame the waves can be found right here - the beaches, the climate, qualified instructors at recognised surfing schools and, of course, the stunning scenery are all waiting to help you catch the best swells. There’s no excuses, all that’s missing is yourself – you can even rent your board!
    From the adrenaline rushes of surfing to peaceful cruises through sheltered bays, the Algarve has over 200 kilometres of coastal beaches to enjoy. Make the most of them, be inspired… and seas the day!