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  • Smiles for Miles! A Guide to Cycling the Algarve.

  • The Algarve is renowned for golden beaches, rolling hillsides and warm sunshine - yet so much of these beautiful landscapes remain unexplored by tourists. For me, the best way to get better acquainted with the Algarve countryside is to take advantage of traffic-free roads and trails by bike tour. From beginners or expert riders, there are plenty of options for Algarve cycling trips – let’s take a look at some of them!

    Get Off The Beaten Track!

    Taking an Algarve cycling holiday offers you something more than just visiting an incredible region, it gives you the chance to connect, to put the fast-paced world behind you and share experiences with local people, culture and nature. More and more, it seems today’s sophisticated travellers are on a quest to explore local neighbourhoods and traditional restaurants. People today want to do ‘the insider’ thing, to explore the unexplored – and there’s no better way to do this than by bicycle. It’s a unique, immersive way to get healthy, get motivated and get out there.

    Why Cycle The Algarve?

    A combination of great weather, diverse natural habitats and challenging geography make the Algarve a great cycle destination - especially in the off-peak season, where we can take advantage of the all-year round sunshine. Many cyclists flee the colder weather of more northern countries and take on some of the Algarve’s renowned cycling routes. The Via Algarviana, for instance, is a stunning trail that runs for 300 km, meandering from Alcoutim, in the East, all the way across the region to Europe’s westernmost tip at Cape St. Vincent. Mountain bikers can explore the Monchique mountain range with winding trails perfect for cross country, freeride or even downhill.

    Where To Start Your Algarve Bike Tour


    The terrain is hilly, the weather perfect – so where should we start? Firstly, there is the Costa Vicentina that passes by the hidden beaches of an unspoiled west coastline. Staying at charming hotels and guesthouses in picturesque villages, you can travel from here along sandy trails to the secluded Furnas, Figueira and Burgau beaches. Moving more centrally, you should definitely consider heading inland towards Silves Castle and experience one of the most historical towns in the region. Another must-see is the Ria Formosa, an incredibly biodiverse Natural Park spanning over 170 km² - and an important stopover for hundreds of different bird species during the spring and autumn migratory periods.

    So the next time you visit the Algarve, why not try something a little different? Hire a bike, explore forgotten beach paths and stunning mountain trails - join experienced cyclists and novices alike and share their passion for physical exercise with plenty of fun, positive attitude and… sweat!